Latex / Microspheres

Latex beads are spherical monodisperse particles made of PMMA, polystyrene or melamine formaldehyde as base material. Surface modification and fluorescent labeling are performed during the preparation of the particles preventing the leaching of the dye and changing of their surface chemistry. For the convenience of our customers, we group the particles in seven size ranges:

Size 1 -  ca. 0,25 micron
Size 2 -  ca. 0,5 micron
Size 3 -  ca. 1 micron
Size 4 -  ca. 2 micron
Size 5 -  ca. 5 micron
Size 6 -  ca. 7 micron
Size 7 -  ca. 10 micron

For each size range the particles in pristine form (without surface modification), with surface carboxylic group or fluorescent label or both can be synthesized. Beads of a specific size range or fluorescence can be synthesized upon request, just let us know about your requirements.

We also offer monodisperse silicon dioxide (SiO2) microspheres of ca. 1 micron. Upon request we can offer particles with other sizes or surface functionality.

The listed batches are exemplary. The actual average size may fluctuate from batch to batch by ±15%.

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