ZnCdSeS alloyed QDs

Alloyed ZnCdSeS quantum dots are the newest generation of low-cadmium, highly luminescent semiconductor nanocrystals with improved stability and compatibility with composites. Coated with hydrophobic organic molecules. These QDs are readily soluble in hexane, heptane, toluene, chloroform, tetrahydrofuran, pyridine. Diameter ca. 6 nm. Supplied dry.

Cat. Nr.


PL-QD-OA-470    470 nm
PL-QD-OA-480 480 nm
PL-QD-OA-490 490 nm
PL-QD-OA-500 500 nm
PL-QD-OA-510 510 nm
PL-QD-OA-520 520 nm
PL-QD-OA-530 530 nm
PL-QD-OA-540 540 nm
PL-QD-OA-550 550 nm
PL-QD-OA-560 560 nm
PL-QD-OA-570 570 nm
PL-QD-OA-580 580 nm
PL-QD-OA-590 590 nm
PL-QD-OA-600 600 nm
PL-QD-OA-610 610 nm
PL-QD-OA-620 620 nm
PL-QD-OA-630 630 nm

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