Tectomers are a novel type of self-assembling molecules. The structure of a tectomer represents several oligoglycine units linked to one common center. The pH dependent formation of strong hydrogen bonds between molecules leads to their selfassembly into extra-regular 2-D or 3-D layers of monomolecular thickness. A tiny quantity of10 mg of any tectomer is enough to coat more than 2 sq.m of surface.

Tectomer, 2-tailed    C8H16(-CH2-NH-Gly4)2 x 2 HCl
Tectomer, 3-tailed CH3C(-CH2-NH-Gly7)3 x 3 TFA
Tectomer, 4-tailed C(-CH2-NH-Gly7)4 x 4 HCl

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