Research and development of nanoparticles and quantum dots

In contrast to scientific areas where development focuses on making everything a little bigger, higher and wider, in nanotechnology everything revolves around the tiniest structures with enormous potential applications in technology, medicine and science. PlasmaChem knows, nanoscience has the potential to offer efficient solutions for key issues in our society of our time. Advanced. Unique. Indispensable.

The extensive range of possibilities for nanoparticles and quantum dots

From energy conservation to medical care, by using our knowledge of oxide nanoparticles, non-oxide nanoceramics, carbon nanoparticles, metal nanoparticles, nanowires, salts nanoparticles and quantum dots we turn nanomaterials into an indispensable part of scientific research and a key technology of our time. Our goal: that we use nanoparticles and quantum dots in a way that is safe for the people and for the environment.

Since founding of the company in 1993, using integrated approaches and a team of professional experts, PlasmaChem has been conducting highly professional research in the areas of nanomaterials, and ultrathin-layer and plasma technologies. Utilization and applicability in the biomedical and technical areas are our main focus.

One company – an extensive portfolio

PlasmaChem conducts research and develops solutions in variety of areas ranging from metallurgy and optics to biomedicine. A broad spectrum. A huge area of scientific research on nanoparticles and quantum dots. Production, quality control and trade of nanoparticles and quantum dots are also part of PlasmaChem’s core business.

In the midst of science and progress: Berlin Adlershof

We offer our customers from all around the world a central location in Berlin Adlerhof. In the middle of Germany’s biggest science and technology park ideas and concepts of a new level arise. Connected to universities. Cutting edge. Right inside the technology of the future.

What we want to achieve for you: objectives of PlasmaChem GmbH

To this day, PlasmaChem cooperates closely with the Humboldt University of Berlin and is the initiator of successful national and international projects involving nanoparticles and quantum dots. Under the leadership of CEO Carsten Jost we continue to participate in many joint research and development projects at home and abroad.

Together, we want to research and develop nanotechnology in a safe and sustainable way, and to exploit fully the potential of nanoparticles and quantum dots. Our goal is to make our developments available in a way that can support the most diverse areas of application. For more innovative power. For more growth. For more ideas.