Educational Exploitation Kit

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A complete educational Exploration Kit containing:

- 5 types of water-soluble quantum dots of different colours
(samples # a, b, c, e, g)
- 20 cuvettes
- 10 Pasteur pipettes
- 1 pocket UV-lamp

All you need to start the experiments with up to 10 groups of students.

You can download the learning text, experiment description and worksheet (DOWNLOAD PDF-FILE: ENG, DEU). Copying is allowed for educational purposes.

Warning: Not to be used by children without professional supervision!

Refill materials and consumables: QDs, cuvettes, lamps, pipettes can be purchased on this dedicated page.


Educational kit: starter set

Including following samples: a, b, c, e, g


Emission maximum:

(a) 510-520 nm
(b) 530-540 nm
(c) 550 nm
(d) 560-570 nm
(e) 580-590 nm
(f) 600-610 nm
(g) 650-690 nm

Reference QD-EDU-1