Perovskite PbMeX3 QDs

Cd-free strongly luminescent perovskite quantum dots of structure ABC3 coated with hydrophobic organic ligands. Readily soluble in toluene, hexane, chlorobenzene and similar dry solvents. Not soluble in alcohols, ethers and other polar solvents. Avoid using water or water-containing solvents. Emission peak width (FWHM) ca. 15-35 nm. Particle size: ca. 10 nm.

Ideal for industrial applications due to the large scale manufacturing, and the lowest prices among all available QDs. For bulk quantities, please contact us at

Cat.Nr. Emission wavelength
PL-QD-PSK-450    450 nm
PL-QD-PSK-480 480 nm
PL-QD-PSK-510 510 nm
PL-QD-PSK-530 530 nm
PL-QD-PSK-550 550 nm

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