Carbon nanotubes, multiwalled. Dry powder.

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Carbon purity: min. 95% Number of walls: 3-15 Outer diameter: 5-20 nm; Inner diameter: 2-6 nm; Length: 1-10 μm Apparent density: 0,15-0,35 g/cm3; Loose agglomerate size: 0,1-3 mm Specific surface: ca. 240 m²/g


Carbon purity: min. 95% Number of walls: 3-15 Outer diameter: 5-20 nm; Inner diameter: 2-6 nm; Length: 1-10 μm Apparent density: 0,15-0,35 g/cm3; Loose agglomerate size: 0,1-3 mm Specific surface: ca. 240 m²/g


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